October 9th-12th, 2015
Acud-Kino, Filmrauschpalast and Sputnik-Kino

For the 5th time this year “Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin“ introduces the versatile terrain of Lithuanian cinema. 4 days, 3 cinemas and a great deal of the latest best short films, created by the young generation of filmmakers from a small Baltic country. All is here: fiction, documentaries, experimental film and animations. The best Lithuanian short films from the recent years will be presented in 3 programs, shown from the 9th to the 11th of August in Berlin cinemas Acud-Kino, Filmrauschpalast and Sputnik-Kino. On the 12th of October the audience will have a chance to see the “Special Selection” of all this year’s festival films.

During the screenings viewers will be invited to vote and select their Favourite movie, which will close the festival on October 12th in Sputnik.

In addition to the film screenings, the photo exhibition of the conceptual Lithuanian artist Dalia Mikonytė will be shown. The opening will take place in Filmrauschpalast on October 10th at 19 o’clock, with the artist present.


42 / After 42

Documentary / Experimental, R: Andrius Lekavičius, 8′, 2015

42,195 km is an official distance for a marathon. “After 42“ is a tribute to the runners and the magic of the moment in which the finish line is crossed.


After Rave

Drama / Coming of Age, R: Kamilė Milašiūtė, 20’, 2014

Just before going on a big night out, Milda learns of a painful loss. Will this change her plans?


Chronos ABC

Experimental / Drama / 8 mm, R: Vytautas Kazimieras Juozėnas, 5’30”, 2013

A little boy lives in a silent world full of colorful fragments. Until, one day, a group of scientists try to return him to a “normal” state.

Special Mention – Kino pavasaris IFF 2014


Lost cut:

Džekis / Jackie

Drama, R: Giedrius Tamoševičius, 22’, 2015

After recent imprisonment Tom’s parental rights are restricted. He loves his daughter and tries desperately to win her back.


Džiunglės / The Jungle

Drama / Thriller, R: Robertas Nevecka, 16′, 2014

When a man is assaulted in the street, the emotional damage hurts him more than the punches taken. A city can turn into a jungle in a flash.


Gandras / Stork

Superhero Drama / Coming of Age, R: Simonas Laurinavičius, 12’40”, 2015

Suffering from the bullying classmates and the loss of his loving grandmother, the superhero –a Storkman – is born.

Best Short Film – Skalvija Film Academy 2015

Kelių eismo taisyklės / Too Young to Drive

Drama / Romance, R: Marija Stonytė, 24’, 2014

A young couple meets in a train compartment. At first sight, and for no apparent reason, they find it hard to communicate.

Best Lithuanian Short – Scanorama IFF 2014


Klausimas Dievui / Question for God

Comedy, R: Tadas Vidmantas, 3′, 2015

A man accidentally finds God’s phone number. The very next day, he calls to ask him an important question.

Laif iz laif / Life Is Life

Drama / Coming of Age, R: Morta Navickaitė, 5’, 2015

Three tough teenage girls hang around their neighbourhood, talking life and teaching lessons.

Laimės žiburys / Light of Happiness

Clay Animation/ Phantasy, R: Urtė Oettinger, 5’, 2014

An allegorical tale about the quest for the “Light of Happiness,” based on the classics of Jonas Biliūnas.

Man dvim keli / I’m Twenty Something

Comedy / Drama, R: Marija Kavtaradzė, 20’, 2014

Three friends in their twenties plan to have a fun Friday night out. Yet too many choices and a fear of missing out on something better, makes it overwhelming.

Best Student Short – Silver Crane 2015


Marijos nebuvo / There Was No Holy Mary, Mary

Tragicomedy / Drama, R: Akvilė Gelažiūtė, 14’40”, 2014

When two sectarians attempt to convince Mary, a struggling sales agent, of their controversial truth, she stands up in the name of all neglected women.


Pakeleiviai / Fellow Travelers

Documentary / Road Movie, R: Linas Mikuta, 17′, 2015

Three hitchhikers open up to a driver with a camera.

Best Student Short – Kino pavasaris IFF 2015


Parketo skutėjai / Floor scrapers

Dance / Drama / Queer, R: Vytautas Katkus, Marija Kavtaradzė, 6’, 2014

Inspired by Gustave Caillebotte’s painting, the dance piece explores the dynamics of three young people in a love triangle, who are moving in together.

Best Short Cinematography – Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers / Gilė2015


Sausra / Drought

Stop Motion Animation, R: Agnė Kupšytė, 5’, 2015

People are bound to act upon learned patterns. But can one’s impulses change, when the surroundings are altered?


Sobaka / Doggone

Drama / Tragicomedy, R: Domas Petronis, 10’, 2014

While a couple repeatedly attempts to put their sick dog to sleep, the lurking issues of their relationship come to surface.

Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Female & Male Actors – Student FF


Stogas / The Roof

Comedy / Drama, R: Antanas Žygavičius, 5’, 2014

After loosing his wife, a successful businessman decides to kill himself, but is interrupted by a beggar with ambiguous intentions.


Šuns dienos / Dog’s Life

Drama, R: Ieva Veiverytė, 24’, 2013

One day Dalia’s over-domineering mother is sent to the hospital. Suddenly, Dalia, a woman in her fifties, finds herself free to make her own choices.

Best Supporting Actress – Silver Crane 2014


Tiltai / Bridges

Drama / Coming of Age, R: Austėja Urbaitė, 26’, 2015

Two best friends Olivija and Matas decide to go on a kayaking trip in late autumn. Both are eager to share their plans for the future.


Triukšmadarys / The Noisemaker

Drama, R: Karolis Kaupinis, 15’30”, 2014

A remote provincial school lacks two pupils to satisfy the governmental quota. While awaiting an official visit, the principal does his best to mask the shortage.

Best Short Film, Best Actor – Silver Crane 2015



Animation, R: Ugnė Žemaitytė, 3’, 2015

A woman is afraid of aging, so she does her best to remain young and beautiful.


Vaiduoklis, kurio neprisimenu / Ghost I Don’t Remember

Comedy / Psycho-Thriller / Horror, R: Jonas Trukanas, 15’, 2015

When an elderly lady becomes aware that her flat is haunted by a smoking ghost, she does everything to win the former peace in her household back.



A Conceptual photo exhibition “Analogophilia” by Dalia Mikonytė at Filmrauschpalast. “Serenity and chaos in the resort. Two very immoral weeks, recorded in real and trashy film negative.” Opening on the October 10th at 19:00 with Q&A.


Míriam Hdez. Masip (Design:, Julius Zubavičius, Andrés del Caño, Arūnas Eimulis, Sebastian McKimm, Natascha Korol, GabrielėŽaidytė, Andrea Stosiek, Alexander Buchholz, Hendrik Klatte, Dagmar Kaczor, Artūras Jevdokimovas, Lichtspiel Andrius Lekavičius, Vytautas Kazimieras Juozėnas, Robertas Nevecka, Kamilė Milašiūtė, Simonas Laurinavičius, Marija Stonytė, Tadas Vidmantas, Morta Navickaitė, Urtė Oettinger, Marija Kavtaradzė, Akvilė Gelažiūtė, Linas Mikuta, Vytautas Katkus, Agnė Kupšytė, Domas Petronis, Antanas Žygavičius, Ieva Veiverytė, Austėja Urbaitė, Karolis Kaupinis, Ugnė Žemaitytė, Jonas Trukanas, Marija Razgutė, Giedrė Burbaitė, Kristina Ramanauskaitė, Klementina Remeikaitė, Lina Murinaitė, Balys Kumža, Jurga Jutaitė, Dalia Mikonytė


Sputnik-Kino, Acud-Kino, Filmrauschpalast, Lithuanian Embassy in Germany, Lithuaninan Culture Institute

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