August 15th-17th, 2014
Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia, Sputnik-Kino and Acud-Kino 

For the 4th time „Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin“ introduces the versatile film terrain of the Baltic state. The best Lithuanian short films from the recent years will be presented in 2 programs, shown from the 15th to the 17th of August in Berlin, in Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia and in the cinemas Sputnik-Kino and Acud-Kino. The „Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin“ program displays the works of the young generation of Lituanian film makers, who grew up in a small country with the Soviet legacy; and now, after Lithuania regained Independence, they explore the (creative) freedom. This is also apparent from the variety of genres (fiction films, documentaries, experimental films, animations and the combination of them) and themes, represented during „Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin“.

There will be 14 shorts screened, among them the winners of the Lithuanian National Film Award „Silver Crane 2014“: The Queen Of England Stole My Parents (Best Short Film) as well as Non- Euclidean Geometry (Best Animation), which also was awarded at this year’s Short Film Festival Oberhausen. The other highlights, showing different life perspectives, are: the hope of Lithuanian cinema – the graduating Marija Kavtaradzė – with two short dramas (Youngblood and Normal People Do Not Explode Themselves), erotic drama Violence, hero parody The Bravest Man in the World, documentaries Cheburekis Sellers and Identities.

The films will be shown in the Lithuanian language with English subtitles or in the English language. They are presented in 2 separate programs and the selection of the films „Best-of“. The Q&A’s with the filmmakers will be held after the screenings.


Anglijos karalienė pagrobė mano tėvus / The Queen of England Stole My Parents

Drama/Adventure/Phantasy, R: Ernestas Jankauskas, 30′, 2014

A doll has revealed to a 6-year-old Milda that her emigrated parents where in fact stolen by the Queen of England. Milda decided to take action into her own hands.

Best Short Film – Silver Crane 2014

Čeburekų pardavėjai / Chiburekis Sellers

Documentary, R: Tomas Bručas, 26’30”, 2011

Insight into the risky lives of the illegal sellers at the Lithuanian seaside. Their goods – chiburekis
a popular snack surrounded by myths and (funny) stories.

Drąsiausias žmogus pasaulyje / The Bravest Man in the World

Action/Parody, R: Titas Sūdžius, 6′, 2014

Francis Jefferson, the bravest man in the world, traveled from the far to rescue his kidnapped family member.

Expermenas / Experman

Drama, R: Ričardas Marcinkus, 30′, 2012

An agonizingly boring life of a clerk gets dramatically changed after he appears in the wrong place at the wrong moment.

Gimę SSRS / Born in the USSR

Animated Documentary, R: Simona Žemaitytė, 7′, 2011

An animated allegory about ideological and geographical displacement of the generation born just before the collapse of the USSR, shown through the popular imagery of the propagandistic children books.


Romantic Comedy, R: Karolis Špinkis, 7′, 2013

When Lou, reading people from their shoes, meets Lia, seeking to change the world, they discover something the world has been missing.

Neeuklidinė geometrija / Non-Euclidean Geometry

Animation/Drama, R: Skirmanta Jakaitė, Solveiga Masteikaitė, 11′, 2013

The film is about the laws of love, so incomprehensible and unexplainable once love retreats, about the logic of the heart, so alien to common logic.

Best Short Animation – Silver Crane 2014
Ecumenical Jury Award – International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2014

TNormalūs žmonės nesisprogdina / Normal People Don’t Explode Themselves

Drama/Road Movie, R: Marija Kavtaradzė, 13’30”, 2013

A girl and a guy meet at night in the „borrowed“ taxi, the one as confused as the other, without knowing, helping each other to undergo the night.

O kas? / Who?

Poetry / Music Video/Animation, R: Saulė Norkutė, 8’30”, 2012

Four girlfriends set out on a road trip, during which the Nature starts overtaking them until they have to let go.

Pasakyk, kad neskaudės / Youngblood

Drama/Coming of Age, R: Marija Kavtaradzė, 18′, 2013

16-year old Vega and Ben are in love and getting ready for their first time. Yet she hesitates.

Po / Under

Stop Motion Animation/Phantasy, R: Reda Bartkutė-Tomingas, 3’30, 2010

The observation of the eternally sneaking fox, luring the viewer into a dreamworld.

Saga / The Button

Animation, R: Ieva Miškinytė, 6′, 2012

The path of the button shows the invisible yarns, the world is connected with.

Smurtas / Violence

Erotic Drama, R: Vytautas Tinteris, 20′, 2013

A drama with two endings gives an opportunity to experience different consequences of the choices of Julija, who feels trapped in an unloving environment.

Tapatumai / Identities

Documentary, R: Aistė Žegulytė, 18’30”, 2013

A poetic documentary about people suffering from Alopecia (pathological hair loss), the quest for beauty and how hair constitutes one’s identity.


Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia, Sputnik-Kino, Acud-Kino, Botschaft der Republik Litauen in Deutschland, Tarptautinių kultūros programų centras


Igor Pavić, Andrea Stosiek, Oliver Reichardt, Alexander Buchholz, Dagmar Kaczor, Gabrielė Žaidytė, Justė Zavišaitė, Natascha Korol, Dansu, Tomas Bručas, Titas Sūdžius, Ričardas Marcinkus, Viktorija Seniut, Simona Žemaitytė, Ieva Bužinskaitė, Karolis Špinkis, Skirmanta Jakaitė, Solveiga Masteikaitė, Marija Kavtaradzė, Klementina Remeikaitė, Saulė Norkutė, Reda Bartkutė-Tomingas, Ieva Miškinytė, Vytautas Tinteris, Aistė Žegulytė, Marija Razgutė, Lichtspielklub & Míriam Masip / (design)

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