August 9th -11th, 2013 Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia, Sputnik-Kino and Acud-Kino

The 3rd edition of Lithuanian Film Festival “Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin“ with the best Lithuanian short films from the last couple of years. Three Programs are screened in the Berlin cinemas: Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia, Sputnik-Kino and Acud-Kino – to stimulate the appetite for the cinema from the small Baltic state.


The Bomb / Bomba

Drama, R: Robertas Nevecka, 10 Min, 2013

In the woods two boys discover an old unexploded grenade. While playing innocent games, they accidentally detonate it.

Brotherhood of Pâté / Pašteto brolija

Mystery / Drama / Horror, R: Arūnas Eimulis, 18 Min, 2011

A dull and diffident man discovers possessing supernatural powers, which are needed in a heartless contemporary society.

Guilt / Kaltė

Animation, R: Reda Bartkutė, 6 Min, 2013

A lonely fox, isolating herself from the outer world, immerses into her guilt, till she must choose between madness and reconciliation.

His Silicon Soul / Jo silikoninė siela

Drama, R: Džiugas Šėma, 29 Min, 2011

A self-destructive and perplexed young man deals with the tiring routine of his student life.

Independence Day / Nepriklausomybės diena

Animation / Comedy, R: Urtė Budinaitė, 5 Min, 2012

A black and white story about a musician escaping the radio and traveling the world to look for freedom.

Silver Crane 2012 – Best Short Animation

The Last Day Of Honeymoon / Paskutinė medaus mėnesio diena

Romantic Comedy / Horror, R: Rokas Eltermanas, 30 Min, 2011

On the way back from their honeymoon, a young couple is being confronted with the zombies of their relationship.

Left To Wait / Left To Wait

Experimental / Fiction, R: Kęstutis Gudavičius, 8 Min, 2012

The loss and longing, when there’s nothing more to hope for, is shown in fragmentary scenes of unrelated people living to the rhythm of the drummer.

Misunderstanding / Pravalas

Comedy / Drama, R: Ričardas Marcinkus, 11 Min, 2011

A young couple dives into individual explorations of an online dating portal to escape the boredom of their everyday relationship.

Outside / Užribis

Animation, R: Greta Stančiauskaitė, 8 Min, 2012

Sensitively ink-painted philosophical journey, reflecting on the relationship between the individual and society.

The Swimmer / Plaukikė

Drama / Coming of Age, R: Gabrielė Urbonaitė, 28 Min, 2013

While Arielė, a young and promising swimmer, prepares for the upcoming Olympics, Grėtė just starts learning to swim in the same pool. Despite the age difference, the two become friends and overcome their challenges waiting ahead.

Silver Crane 2013 – Best Short Film

Temporary / Laikinai

Drama / Coming of Age, R: Jūratė Samulionytė, 27 Min, 2011

After parents temporarily went to London in a search of a job, the two sisters are counting days and doing their best to live on their own. However being a grown-up is just too hard sometimes.

Victim / Auka

Psycho-Thriller, R: Jurgis Matulevičius, 15 Min, 2012

Insight into the madman’s mind tripping in a sinister and godless city. Visual homage to Gaspar Noé and David Lynch.

We May Meet, We May Not / Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti

Animation, R: Skirmanta Jakaitė, 8 Min, 2011

Too much parental love and care leads to miscommunication between a mother and her daughter and brings on unwanted events.


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