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May 19th-27th, 2011 Babylon-Kino, Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia, Sputnik-Kino

For the first time in Berlin – Lithuanian Film Week

From 19th to 27th of May contemporary Lithuanian cinema will be presented to Berlin’s audiences in Babylon Kino, Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia and Sputnik Kino. This will be the first independent overview program, dedicated solely to Lithuanian cinema, made in the recent years.

The program will show 16 feature films, documentaries and short films that had been created in Lithuania in the past 3 years, marking 20 years of the fall of Iron Wall, as well as 20th aniversary of regained (creative) independence and the recovery of Lithuanian cinematography after this historical change.

This program is an overview of recent Lithuanian cinematography, who’s leading name is Šarūnas Bartas, the cult film director of independant art-house cinema, whose movies are presented worldwide, as well as nationally famous filmmakers: Gytis Lukš as, Kristina Buožytė, Ignas Miš kinis, Tomas Donela, Emilis Vėlyvis, Tomas Tamoš aitis, Donatas Ulvydas, etc.

Berlin’s audiences occasionally welcome Lithuanian films at some festivals here, but still this is the first event where audience can see the perspective of recent Lithuanian cinema, as well as meet and communicate with their authors. Such directors as Šarūnas Bartas, cult Lithuanian filmmaker, will present his last film „Eastern Drift“ during the event. Moreover, public, will have a possibility to Q&A film directors Tomas Donela (film „Farewell“), Gytis Lukš as (Epic drama of Soviet Era „Vortex“), film crew of urban road movie „Low Lights“ as well as producers: Rasa Miš kinytė of documentary films „Bug Trainer“ (about European Disney Ladislas Starewitch), „Spanish for Adults“ and Ieva Norvilienė („Low Lights“and „Collectress“).

Long-length feature and documentary film program is followed by the future of Lithuanian film –young Lithuanian Filmmakers in the program „Short Films Special“. Some movies have already successfully traveled film festivals („Noroutine“ by Jūratė Samulionytė, „It Would Be Splendid, Yet…“ by Lina Lužytė, „I know you“ by DovilėŠarutytė) and others – fresh as this year‘s tulips, yet as attractive…

Long-length fiction films and documentaries will be shown in Babylon cinema from May 19th till May 24th. Short Film Special will be screened in Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia on May 25th at 10 pm and in Sputnik Cinema on May 27th at 10 pm.


Collectress / Kolekcionierė

2008, R: Kristina Buožytė, mit Gabija Jaraminaitė – Ryš kuvienė, Marius Jampolskis, 80 Min

After an unfortunate accident, a young woman notices that she’s unable to feel any of human emotions. One day preparing video material for her job as children’s doctor she realizes that at a short period of time when she’s watching herself at a video monitor she can get her emotions back…

Eastern Drift / Eurazijos aborigenas

2010, R: Šarūnas Bartas, mit Šarūnas Bartas, Elisa Sednaoui, Erwan Ribard, Klavdia Korshunova, 90 Min

A dark picture of a globalized world where values seem to have disappeared along with the sunlight. A wintry Europe, where each place is as inhospitable as the next. A gangster wanting to leave the business – 21st century film noir, in which the underworld knows no code of honor and compassion…

Farewell / Atsisveikinimas

2010, R: Tomas Donela, mit Dainius Kazlauskas, Olga Generalova, Aleksandra Metalnikova, Kostas Smoriginas, Lina Budzeikaitė, 90 Min
A seaman comes ashore for the last time in his life. As autumn turns into winter he faces everyone he loves and cares for, driven by a relentless lack of time. Then he boards his ship for a voyage from which he knows he will not return.

Low Lights / Artimos šviesos

2009, R:Ignas Miškinis, mit Dainius Gavenonis, Julia Maria Kohler, Jonas Antanėlis, 93 Min

Low Lights is an urban road movie. Over the course of one night three lonely strangers drive through dark city streets seeking adventure and new experiences in an attempt to escape the reality and the routine of their daily lives.

Vortex / Duburys

2009, R: Gytis Lukš as, mit Giedrius Kiela, Diana Anevič iūtė, Oksana Borbat, Jevgenija Verenica, Vladimiras Jefremovas, Jūratė Onaitytė, Valentinas Masalskis, 140 Min

The story of the generation that lived through the entire Soviet period of Lithuania is told through the eyes of Juzik – starting from his childhood spent in a village, follows his friendships and military service, leading up to his job in a corrupt quarry where he becomes involved with two self-destructive women.

Zero 2

2010, R: Emilis Vėlyvis, mit Vytautas Šapranauskas, Ramūnas Rudokas, Kęstutis Jakš tas, Inga Jankauskaitė, Auš ra Štukytė, Andrius Paulavič ius, 90 Min

When the underworlds of crime and show business collide, 2 hit men buddies are suddenly thrown in the midst of bizarre events and soap-like drama. Faced with the onslaught of sleazy intrigues and silicon boobs, friends must still complete their task – retrieve a missing shipment of drugs… The trick is not to lose your head. Or your balls. Whichever goes first.


Bug Trainer / Vabzdžių dresuotojas

2008, R: Linas Augutis, Donatas Ulvydas, Marek Skrobecki, Rasa Miš kinytė, 53 Min

Ladislas Starewitch (1882 – 1965), European Disney, a pioneer of puppet animation is one of the most forgotten film geniuses. This film is an effort to “decode” Starewitch by using the means of his own artistic thinking, and tiding together the biographical facts, memoirs, factual information, films made by Starewitch himself driven by the love story of puppets.

Spanish For Adults / Ispanų kalba suaugusiems

2008, R: Tomas Tamosaitis, 53 Min

A tiny classroom in the Spanish heartland is a meeting point and a shelter for adult immigrants who came to Spain driven by the “European dream” to start a new life. Brought together by fate into a small Spanish town, alienated and homesick, these people indulge in playful and enthusiastic language-learning process, guided by the extraordinary teacher Maria Antonia.


Noroutine / Nerutina

2008, R: Jūratė Samulionytė, 15 Min

A man, hostage of his daily routine, breaking through that vicious circle.

It Would Be Splendid, Yet… / Jau puiku, tik dar šiek tiek

2009, R: Lina Lužytė, 28 Min

Houmorous portrait of a tired wife amids 1992, when Lithuania just regained independence, dealing with her status in old and new societies.

I Know You / Aš tave žinau

2009, R: DovilėŠarutytė, 32 Min

Teenage girl falling in love in a cold and alienated neighborhood, confronted with her adolecence challenges…

2H_Two Hours / 2H_dvi valandos

2010, R: Ramunė Čekuolytė, 15 Min

Lovers meet in Moscow for two hours… to break up in the hotel room surrounded by neighbors making love.

This Is Not About An Apple / Tai ne apie obuolį

2010, R: Tomas Vilys, 7 Min

A car, driven by a married couple, hits a man, but only the husband alone seems to understand the gravity of the situation…

Failed Scenario / Nevykęs scenarijus

2010, R: Kristina Sereikaitė, Linas Mikuta, 8 Min

A lonely timid woman working in a low-end inn, facing intriguing evidence of crime of a couple.

3 Minutes / 3 minutės

2010, R: Jurga Naraš kevičiūtė, 5 Min

A bored prison warden playing games with an inmate.

Foreign mind / Svetimkūnis

2010, R: Martynas Petroš ius, 12 Min

A story of a girl from the countryside and the creepy demon stealing into her mind.


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