Avant-garde, D: Jonas Mekas 1965-1966, 12′, USA

Director / Writer / DOP / Editor: Jonas Mekas
Contact: RE: VOIR


Report From Millbrook was filmed in 1965, on a weekend visit to Timothy Leary’s place. It was a light summer outing. No LSD. Tim took me for a walk, though, and we talked about LSD. At one point in our walk we stopped on a little bridge. We looked into the stream silently. Tim broke the silence. He had noticed, he said, that I was only reading while other guests were using the occasion, under his supervision, to go through an LSD experience. I told him that the chemicals that motivate and drive artists are more powerful and mysterious than LSD or any drug. On that note we turned back and ended our walk. There was nothing more to say. In 1966, Tim’s place was raided by the local sheriff. The East Village Other taped an interview with the sheriff about the raid. I used the interview as the soundtrack for the film. (Text by Jonas Mekas)

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