Lithuanian Film Festival “Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin” presents a new film of an award-winning director – an audience-darling EMILIJA in it’sSummer Screening in Berlin in July 21 at FLK Insel im Cassiopeia

A new film of an award-winning director Donatas Ulvydas will be presented during the “Summer Edition” of the Lithuanian Film Festival “Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin” in July 21 at 21:30 at open-air Cinema “Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia”.

The director won Berliners’ hearts in year 2013 with his previous film “Tadas Blinda. The Legend is Born” and now comes back to personally introduce his new film, a heartfelt drama and a love story “Emilija”. The film is loosely based on the real time events and takes place in the beginning of the 70s in the backdrops of the crumbling Soviet Lithuanian. The most attended Lithuanian film of 2017 “Emilija” takes the viewer for a journey into the recent past and offers the insight into the times gone by as well as into the universal themes of the human heart.

“Emilija” is a suspense drama based on the actual events that happened in Lithuania in the early 70s during the times of no freedom of speech. The film centers around Emilija, a promising theatre actress, who has to walk a fine line between love, passion, intrigue, and betrayal. The feature film gives a tender and inspiring look into the lives of people under crushing conditions and unveils the destroyed destinies that had been paid for the unconditional love…

The film will be screened in Lithuanian language with English subtitles. The director Donatas Ulvydas will introduce the film as well as hold a Q&A after the screening, moderated by the head of the festival Giedrė Simanauskaitė.

“Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin” is an annual Lithuanian Film Festival, held in Berlin since 2011, and will be taking place for the 7th time this year in November 2-6 in various venues in Berlin.

The screening was made possible with the support of Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian Cultural Ministry, Lithuanian Council of Culture, the Program “Global Lithuania” and the Lithuanian Embassy.

The screening and the Q&A will take place in July 21, 21:30 at open-air Cinema “Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia” (Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin).
Ticket: 7,5 €, 5 € (for BerlinPass holders)

Dir. Donatas Ulvydas, 120 min., Lithuania, 2017, OV with English subtitles.