Dramedy, D: Titas Laucius, 2022, 94′, LT

Director & scriptwriter: Titas Laucius

Producer: Klementina Remeikaitė

Production company: afterschool production

Cinematographer: Laurynas Bareiša

Editor: Mikas Žukauskas

Composers: Justinas Važnevičius, Valdemaras Ziezys, Danielius Pancerovas, Titas Laucius

Main cast: Rasa Samuolytė, Giedrius Savickas


Lithuanian National Silver Crane 2023: Best Script, Best Actress (Rasa Samuolionytė)


Miglė got divorced 26 years ago. One day she gets a call with a strange request: in order to marry his new girlfriend, her ex-husband wants to get a divorce through the “Catholic court” the only institution that has the power to undo the bond of a Christian marriage. During the process of the court – a series of awkward and embarrassing meetings with several priests – Miglė and her former husband find themselves getting closer to each other. Maybe even closer than they were during their marriage.

10. November | 19:00 | OPENING at SPUTNIK KINO | TICKETS HERE
11. November | 19:00 | ACUD KINO | TICKETS HERE