LITAUISCHES KINO GOES BERLIN celebrates its 10th edition! The last decade of showcasing Lithuanian films in Berlin was challenging and inspiring at the same time. The festival has come a long way – from showing a couple of short film programs to a five day festival with a variety of films and events, dedicated to promoting Lithuanian culture. Although we had to cancel a big part of the events and celebrations due to the pandemic this year, we kept our main goal: to promote Lithuanian film in Berlin and to introduce our audience to the best of short films, full-length feature films, documentaries and newly restored classic films. And even though we won’t be able to meet most of our friends (and guests) in person this year, we can celebrate Lithuanian cinema. Let this prospect lead us through hard times.

Celebrating the occasion we present a special exhibition “10 years of LITAUISCHES KINO GOES BERLIN posters” online and at Sputnik-Kino Bar (from 28th of October till 21st of November).

The designers of the posters are:

2011 – Ramūnas Gilys
2012 – Miriam Hernández Masip
2013 – Miriam Hernández Masip
2014 – Miriam Hernández Masip
2015 – Miriam Hernández Masip
2016 – Kamilė Pivoriūnaitė
2017 – Kamilė Pivoriūnaitė
2018 – Gabrielė Vingraitė
2019 – Gabrielė Vingraitė
2020 – Gabrielė Vingraitė