Documentary / War, D: Maria Stoianova, 2017, 17′, UA

Director / Writer: Maria Stoianova
DOP: Zinaida Obuhivska
Editors: Dmytro Nesterov, Maria Stoianova
Sound Designer: Bohdan Barakovskyh
Producer: Nadia Parfan
Contact: Maria Stoianova


The video diary of a Ukrainian mother from Mariupol, a city close to the turbulent Donetsk Region, forms a loving visual message for her daughter in Kyiv with a series of several-minute-long records of commonplace views from a window, of following tracks in the snow, and strolls in the surroundings.

Tickets | 5 November, 16:00 | Sputnik-Kino
Tickets | 6 November, 15:00 | ACUD Kino