Drama/Thriller, D: Ignas Jonynas, 102’, LT/LV/UA/ES, 2019

Director: Ignas Jonynas
Screenwriter: Ignas Jonynas Kristupas Sabolius
DOP: Denys Lushchyk
Music Composer: Toms Auniņš
Editing: Paulius Zavadskis
Production Designer: Nerijus Narmontas
Production: Magic Films, Locomotive Productions, Limelite, Nephilim Producciones
Producers: Kristina Ramanauskaitė, Aurimas Pukevičius, Ramojus Petrauskas, Roberts Vinovskis, Jorge Moreno, Vladimir Yatsenko
Contact: Reel Suspects,

Cast: Dainius Kazlauskas, Paulina Taujanskaitė, Darius Bagdžiūnas Alexandr Ignatusha

Awards: San Sebastian FF 2019 – Glocal in Progress Industry Award


A former dancer Jonas pretends to be blind to enter a TV dance competition. He meets his new dance partner Saulė who at first is disturbed by Jonas’ disability, but soon enough discomfort gives way to genuine interest and the couple becomes the most popular contestants of the show. At the same time Vytas, someone from Jonas’ past, is released from prison after serving a sentence for murdering his wife Marija. Vytas is afflicted with contradictory feelings: he is convinced that his wife’s ex-lover Jonas is equally responsible for her death.