Events of Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin 2019 will be announced in September 

Festival Opening | Doors: November 1, 2018 | 21:00 | Acud Club

Junior A is an experimental, dream pop performer, producer and songwriter from Vilnius. Forever-flirting with a wide range of genres his repertoire goes from modern R&B, to electronic and punk to shoegaze. His first single was the most successful international debut in Lithuania’s music history.

Junior A live here and here. More of Junior A here, here and here.

Festival Opening | November 1, 2018 | 00:00 | Acud Club

Gražvydas aka Mr. GrazzMatazz is a music wave selector who spins records from his personal vinyl collection. His playing sets include swing, jazz, rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll, ska, rocksteady, boogie, soul, funk, oldschool hip hop and rap, acid house and some other styles, which make you shake your bootie!

Exhibition | 2 November, 2018 | 17:00 | Sputnik-Kino

The exhibition shows the making-ofs of the newest Lithuanian feature films that are also part of Litauisches Kino goes Berlin 2018: Miracle, Breathing Into Marble, and Wonderful Losers. A Different World. Despite their differences in plot, content, and visualization all films mirror the newest traditions and trends in the Lithuanian cinema, communal and interpersonal dilemmas, as well as sociopolitical and psychological topics.

Workshop/Talk: Bartosh Polonski | 3 November, 2018 | 16:00 | Sputnik-Kino 

“You are the protagonist. Everything else is antagonism.” Learn how to engage the audience into your interactive story and to sell it to publishers. Come and learn more about the secret behind VR/AR/XR content creation!

After the talk you will have an exclusive opportunity to experience two VR experiences:

Code of Freedom 1991/Laisvės kodas 13
VR, D: Andrius Lekavičius, 15’, LT, 2018
Director/Screenwriter: Andrius Lekavičius
Sound Designers: Vytis Puronas
Head of Animation: Jonas Balakauskas
Head of Programming: Dovydas Kaunas
Architect: Povilas Daugis
Producer: Bartoš Polonski
Production/Contact: Gluk Media/

A 15 minutes VR experience where user experiences the bloodshed at Vilnius TV tower on 13 January 1991 as a journalist.


Interactive VR/sci-fi/family drama, D: Bartosh Polonski, LT, 2018
Director/Screenwriter: Bartosh Polonski
Programming: Dovydas Kaunas
Modelling: Ieva Survilaitė
Producer: Laura Almantaitė
Production/Contact: Gluk Media/

You are the wife of genius Darius – the mastermind behind a brain mining technology. When the corporation he created turns against him and his family, you have to make serious decisions…

Brunch | November 4, 2018 | 13:00 | Sputnik-Kino

Come to film brunch and not only enjoy yummy (mmh, niam niam or however you say in your language) food but also share your insights about the films or just chat with us.

WORKSHOP WITH CodeAcademy Kids 
Workshop | 4 November, 2018 | 15:30 | Sputnik-Kino

CodeAcademy Kids offers innovative education in form of coding and entrepreneurship classes for children. At the workshop with #codeacademy young kids (6-11) will be taught to code their favorite film character. Older kids (12+) will learn how to create their own website about a favourite movie or a film character. Limited space available.

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