Festival Opening | Doors: November 2, 21:00, Acud Club

Named as the best alternative band of 2016 in Lithuania, Solo Ansamblis is coming to Berlin to open the festival Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin! They will steal your hearts with dark and vibrant sounds and lyrics that are based on personal experience and philosophy. They sing in Lithuanian, but you do not need to know the language to understand their message. They will call you for “sad dancing”, touched by experimental post-punk and electronic tunes.

Solo Ansamblis is four men in black, the spokesmen of modern urban music scene. Every performance is a contradiction that is filled with energy and melancholy, brightness and darkness, fogged with thick smoke balls, visualisations and fine decorations. Their music is a dedication to the nowadays rush and uncertainty. Alienation, emotional pressure, fake news, social media are played into band’s cold, strict, metaphorical and surrealistic cords. Solo Ansamblis’ concert is a bouquet of live instruments, such as effected guitar and synthesizers, expanded by electronically pulsating low-fi sounds.

In 2016, the band released their debut album Roboxai where songs are made from different layers of emotions. It was sold out straight away! In 2017 Solo Ansamblis released the first vinyl called RXP.

Although their stage life is still young, Solo Ansamblis can already be proud: they have played in the main music festivals and events in Lithuania and Europe, warm-upped such bands as Gus Gus, She Past Away and others. What’s more, four men have two sold-out tours under their belt as well as The Best Alternative Band Award and 3 nominations more in the Lithuanian Music Awards M.A.M.A 2016.

You can check them on Facebook, Youtube or Soundcloud.


Festival Opening | November 2, 2017, 00:00 at Acud Club

Fingalick b2b Vaiper – a creative duo from Vilnius – will heat up the dance floor at the opening night of Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin and will let you melt into the urban club vibe: Soundcloud.

Fingalick, once-a-music-prodigy-child, now molds the sounds of soul, vocals, beat, house and r&b: Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook.

Vaiper, a godfather of Lithuanian urban music scene, brings light on the future of North-East Europe’s music scene, and the Baltics – to be exact: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.


Kids Workshop | 5 November, 2017, 15:30 at Sputnik-Kino

The world of tomorrow might look quite different compared to now, because of the development in robotics and artificial intelligence. How different? It is a question we should ask the people of tomorrow – our children. Vai Kai, a pioneering technology startup from Berlin, will present their interactive wooden toys. A short workshop to inspire kids to design their own vision of what the smart helpers of the future might look like. Best suited for ages 4-9. Workshop takes place right after the Sunday “Kids Matinee” screening and is held by Matas Petrikas.


Closing Concert | November 6, 2017, 21:00 at b-flat

Giedrė & Jazz Miniatures impress their auditorium with cosiness, simplicity and mastering of the sound. Every single concert is marked with distinguished voice, virtuosic sounds of live instruments and unique jazz improvisations. The project brings unique songs created by quartet and newly arranged classics of jazz.

The project, that gathered 4 talented, like-minded music professionals is performing for many years. The lead vocalist Giedrė, is well-known for wide audiences of Lithuania and abroad while performing with electro-punk bands “Milky Lasers” and “Empty”. Her talent is astonishing – nobody could doubt her professional skills and creativeness. To Jazz Miniatures, she brings her voice of unique sweet timbre, bright and wide pallet, perfect pitch and well-dosed power.

Andrej Plevikov, pianist and arranger is a fan of traditional jazz and classic standard repertoire. However, because of him the project is filled with improvisation of well-known melodies. He is playing with many Lithuanian and foreign musicians, taking parts in jazz festivals and competitions.

Last but not least – the rhythm to the performances is brought by the bassist Vytis Nivinskas and the drummer Darius Rudis. These two professional musicians have their unique style and technical skills, that allows listeners to look forward for more jazz coloured with modern colours.

Jazz Miniatures quartet has performed not only in Lithuania, but also abroad including Blues’n’Jazz Rally 2011 in Luxembourg, Birmingham International Jazz & Blues Festival 2013, 2014 in UK, Baltic Sea Festival 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden and Alanya Jazz Days 2014. In 2013 the band released their first CD “Jazz Miniatures“. In 2016 they recorded their second album, where all compositions were composed and arranged by band members.

Giedrė & Jazz Miniatures is bringing an experience that is hard to forget. Intelligence, professionalism and balance of 4 virtuosos is making every performance emotionally valid and memorable.

Check them on Facebook, Youtube or Soundcloud.



Lithuanian artist Kristina Suvorova’s work is inspired by nature, brave souls, curiosity, freedom, childhood, fairytales and the Universe. Her exhibition Other Parallel of the Story will be showcased in Sputnik during the festival and will be available there till November 22.

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