Cinemas in Lithuanian Regions

Photography Exhibition: Cinemas in Lithuanian Regions

3-24 November | Sputnik Kino | Free entry

Photographer: Simas Lin

From 3 to 24 November, the festival will host the photo exhibition Cinemas in Lithuanian Regions in cooperation with the media education and research centre Meno Avilys at Sputnik Kino Berlin. The exhibition features photographs of preserved Lithuanian cinemas, their interiors and portraits of the people who used to or still work at these film screening venues. Among them are four fully operating cinemas – the cinema Dainava in Alytus, Spindulys in Marijampolė, Minija in Gargždai, and Virinta (founded by the community) in Alanta. Other cinemas displayed in the exhibition now house second-hand furniture shops, stores, day and youth centres, as well as various other small businesses. Some of them are neglected and unused or are being renovated.