Documentary, D: Ramunė Čekuolytė, 2021, 21′, LT

Director / Writer / Editor / Producer: Ramunė Čekuolytė
DOP: Laura Aliukonytė, Ramunė Čekuolytė
Music Composer: Ignas Juzokas
Sound Designer: Olga Bulygo
Contact: Ramunė Čekuolytė


For cynologists and felinologists, BOS stands for Best-Opposite-Sex. While females are awarded BOS most often, males usually get Best-of-Breed (BOB). The film follows two women who have dedicated their lives to their animals – becoming a “BOS(S)” in their own right.

Program 3 | Tickets | 5 November, 18:00 | Sputnik-Kino
Program 3 | Tickets | 6 November, 17:00 | ACUD Kino