A.A.A / A.A.A.

Drama/Mystery, D: Karolina Nadzeikaitė, 19, LT, 2020

Director/Contact: Karolina Nadzeikaitė
Screenwriter: Karolina Nadzeikaitė, based on Jaroslavas Melnikas short story ‘A.A.A.’
DOP: Vytenis Jankauskas
Editing: Klementas Leonas Davidavičius
Sound Designer: Tomas Stonys
Production: LMTA
Producer: Rūta Pašukonytė

Cast: Marius Sadauskas, Gabija Siurbytė, Agnius Jankevičius


Kolia receives a letter that offers four life-changing choices. One of them leads to the birth of a baby to his infertile wife. At first, Kolia thinks that he finally controls his fate. But when other letters arrive, Kolia realizes he can no longer avoid making a choice.