Women In Lithuanian Contemporary Cinema

Talk: Women In Lithuanian Contemporary Cinema

7 November | 16.00 | Sputnik KinoBar | Free entry

Lina Kaminskaitė is a film and media researcher, Associate Professor at the Vilnius Academy of Music and Theatre, Affiliated Researcher at Utrecht University. In her talk Women in Lithuanian contemporary cinema she will present the development of Lithuanian contemporary cinema from a feminist film research perspective, show how the female filmmakers’ status has changed within the film industry, and introduce leading filmmakers, their films and main topics they explore. The presentation is based on the recently published book In Focus: Women in Lithuanian Cinema edited by Dr Natalija Arlauskaitė and Lina Kaminskaitė.

This book is the first attempt to apply a feminist approach to Lithuanian film studies employing the perspectives of eleven different authors: from expanded to early cinema, from commercial cinema to video art, from film production to the audience. The presentation is going to mirror the idea of the book, i.e., referring to contemporary cinema directions, and reflecting on the post-MeToo condition in the cinema of the Baltic countries as well as on post-colonial feminist discourse.