Artūras Barysas Film Program “Ssshhh!: No Fun At The Seated Discotheque”

TICKETS | 12. November |16:00 | Sputnik Kino

A specially tailored Berlin screening of the riveting 1972-1982 Short digitised 16mm films of the late Lithuanian film auteur, co-founder of avant-garde Psyche group IVTKYGYG, countercultural thorn-in-the-side and fop Arturas Barysas with footage lifted from the shelf, including the specially commissioned 2022 re-scored soundtracks by notable Contemporary Lithuanian Composers never-seen, pre-edited footage of out-takes, cine-communiqués  from the deep-freeze of pre-Glasnost Lituania plus premiering of selected original soundtracks collaged from Barysas’ legendary lost archive of 20th century pop & underground music.

Music which, like Barysas’ films express a sparky, satirical critique/defiance against the rigidity of Homo Sovieticus.


Lijana Jakovlevna Siuchina – Cross-disciplinary Artist / Practitioner, Film Programmer, and Graphic Designer based in London. Film archives and found footage have been one of her core interests.

David Ellis – Curator, Writer, Performer, Rogue Enthusiast.

Artūras Barysas Film Program “Ssshhh!: No Fun At The Seated Discotheque” (Length: 91’)

November 12, 2023, 16:00 Sputnik Kino 1

  1. The Essay / Esė, 5′
    A. Barysas, J. Štrengė, 1981, 5’ Soundtrack: Original, German premier

    A stroller full of sought-after black market goods: cigarettes, sex magazines, LPs. Ironic commentary on the society of scarcity and the niches it offers in the shadow economy.

  2. The Victims of Fashion / Madų aukos, 6’
    A. Barysas, D. Buklys, 1972, 6’, Soundtrack: Original, German Premier

    Paraphernalia of western music, western fashion. How quickly fashions can spark and be blindly followed by the youth.

  3. To Tell Only the Truth / Sakyti tik tiesą, 5’
    A. Barysas, D. Buklys, 1978, 5’, Soundtrack: Oordchach

    The boredom of a young gang turns into a burst of violence, unleashed on an outsider.

  4. Romas, Renata, Rimas / Romas, Renata, Rimas, 4’
    A. Barysas, A. Vaitkus, 1977, 4’, Soundtrack Arturas Bumšteinas

    Spring: A woman and two men escape the city and settle in a wilderness. Nothing spoils the idyll. A film as a promise of happiness.

  5. Better Than Heaven, Worse Than Hell / Geriau už rojų, blogiau už pragarą, 3’
    A. Barysas, A. Slavinskas, J. Čergelis, 1979, 3’, Sountrack: Gintas K.

    Two men climb out of an earth-pit and dissolve into a wild collage of patterns, images and bodies. Barysas’ most experimental film.

  6. Two People In the Woods / Du žmonės miške, 7’
    A. Barysas, G. Zinkevičius, E. Lapinskas, 1982, 7’, Soundtrack: Wejdas

    A stroll in the forest: mushroom-picking of a young woman turns into a psychedelic trip.

  7. Snow / Sniegas, 3’
    A. Barysas, A. Vaitkus, J. Čergelis, A. Slavinskas, 1978, 3’, Soundtrack: Avidja/Devita

    Longing for the idyllic life in the countryside leads a young couple with a child into a spiral of frustrations.

  8. Her Love (Editing Material) / Jos Meilė (Montavimo medžiaga), 11’
    Footage from the shoot / editing.

  9. Her Love (Excerpt) / Jos Meilė (Ištrauka), 6’
    A. Barysas, A. Slavinskas, J. Čergelis, A. Rečiūnas, 1979, 6’, Soundtrack: Original, German Premier

    A love story between a young man and older woman.

  10. We / Mes, 9’
    A. Barysas, A. Pročkys, A. Slavinskas, E. Lapinskas, 1980, 9’, Soundtrack: Šarūnas Nakas

    On May 9, 1980, on the “Victory Day”, veterans heavily decorated with medals lay wreaths, while the Soviet Army units march along the Lenin Avenue. 11 years later the haunting will be over.

  11. The Documentary / Dokumentalnij Film, 3’
    A. Barysas, J. Čergelis, 1979, 3’, Soundtrack: Original, German Premier

    Staging of the battle. Scenes of extras running through the fields. 

  12. Those Who Does Not Know, Ask the Ones Who Do / Tie, kurie nežinote, pasiklauskite tų, kurie žino, 5’
    A. Barysas, S. Mackonis, J. Čergelis, A. Slavinskas, 1975, 5’, Soundtrack: Original, German Premier

    Barysas recruited more than 25 participants for this open-air performance in the center of Vilnius.

  13. An Intellectual Afternoon / Intelektuali popietė, 3’
    A. Barysas, A. Pročkys, 1982, 3’, Soundtrack: Haruspic

    A film director comes as a visitor to the zoo. The animals don’t understand what the man wants from them.

  14. Obvious, But Unbelievable / Akivaizdu, bet neįtikėtina, 6’
    A. Barysas, A. Pročkys, 1982, 6’, Soundtrack: Antanas Dombrovskij

    Documentary and staged scenes from a fast food restaurant in Vilnius.

  15. A Joke About a Meter / Anekdotas apie metrą, 3’
    A. Barysas, A. Vaitkus, 1976, 3’, Soundtrack: Gintas K.

    A visit to a tourist restaurant develops into a Dadaist parody of real socialist service.

  16. 2×2 / Du kart du, 4′
    A. Barysas, D. Buklys, R. Vikšraitis, 1972, 4’, Soundtrack: Banachtarski

    Math class unleashes unexpected revenge fantasies in one of the students.

  17. That Sweet Word… / Tas saldus žodis…, 1’
    A. Barysas, D. Velička, 1977, 1’, Soundtrack: Haruspic

    Is freedom just a ghost?

  18. The Earth, Planet of People / Žemė – žmonių planeta, 7’

    Scenes from Vilnius: the city breathes in the new beginnings, change is felt in the air, then the clouds gather and a storm breaks out. This is thought to be lost Barysas’ films.